After few conversation with Gautam,Natasha went to sleep on upper birth but that night Gautam was unable to sleep….
After few hours mobile was ringing it was Natasha’s Mobile.when Natasha didn’t receive call at 1 or 2 ring,Gautam stood up n said:-Sorry to disturb ur sleeping mode but ur mobile is ringing for long time…
Natasha:-said ohh…and recieved a call (in sleepy voice)Hlo maa… i m fine (Gautam was able to listen only one side n that was Natasha’s side) she said :- i m fyn maa n no need to worry…. Train is now in Mathura junction…bye maa…she said n ended a call…
After sometime Natasha came down to lower birth…n said thanks…to Gautam
Gautam:-thanks? Why???
Natasha:-thanks for waking me up..bcz if i had received call late my mother start worring…
Gautam:-Yup this is nature of all mother(specially Indian Mother)
Natasha:-Ohh…i forget to ask about ur family tell me something about your family….
Gautam:-My Father is Private Bank agent n mother is Housewife n wat about you?
Natasha:-My father is Politician n My mother is House house wife…
Gautam:-ohh…wow but i dont like politics…ohh leave okk tell me u r going Kota for Medical/Engineering?
Natasha:-Engineering but my papa said Engineering is not right field for girls…
Gautam:-(Aggressively)Why??? Then what is right for girls according to him??? n who have made him politician??? If he cannot give right education or courage to his own daughter then how can he give to other’s daughter???
Natasha:-(taking long breath) she said,Just now you told me u dont like politics but after listening ur long speech i m able to see future great Politician in you…n you were talking about my father,well due to some Meeting he couldnt come with me but next week he is coming…so Mr.Gautam would u like to meet him n can u give same speech in front of him???
#To be continued…..

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