Sometimes small thing gives a lots of happiness…”
I love to travel in train at night sitting behind the window seat…when Air coming through window touch the face…it feels like i m in Paradise…#Lost_In_The_Earth‘s_Paradise.


First of all greeting of the day  to you all my story
This is first story written by so if there is any mistake in English or spelling then sorry for that…
Let’s begin the story
This is Story of #Lost_In_Earth’s_Paradise.
Hope you will like it…
Gautam was in train it was around 11 p.m approx everyone was sleeping but Gautam was sitting on windows seat when cold n fresh air touched his face he remember his past days n he started thinking about his love… #Natasha. Gautam looks at time it was 1 a.m and thought c might in flight for USA.

4 years back
All this was started in train (Patna-kota express) where Gautam met Natasha for first time.He was feeling exicited n had a goosebumps when he Natasha for the first time.
Natasha:- Is this seat number 26 of S8 compartment?
Gautam:-(Little Nervous n exicited) No…Yes…No…n finally he told Yes ofcourse it is seat number 26.
Finally Train depart from Varanasi.

Gautam was sitting in window seat so he can look river Ganga,Though it was night but then also Ganga seems Incredible and the light around it made it more beautiful…after some time when Natasha settled down her luggages
Gautam thought to break silence but he was not knowing how to start conversation…
He was thinking if he will start conversation what will she think n many more questions was arising in his mind but finally he spoke “Hey m Gautam from Patna n u?”
Natasha:-I m Natasha from Varanasi(Banaras).
After hearing her voice he star
ted Dreaming in Open eyes her voice was mixture of melody n innocent…
he was thinking She was from City of temple so God have her so Beautiful someone came to disturb him.
He was Ticket Collector…after some minutes when TC gone,
Gautam Said to Natasha “River Ganga look So Beautiful at Night”
Natasha:-It looks more beautiful at day time when sun rays strikes on it…
Gautam :-(Philosophically) i think it is obvious if anything which look this much beautiful at night then Rising Sun adds more beauty on it…n after clearing throat he said this law implies to a person also…
#To be continued….
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